Monday, July 24, 2017

Tomato in a Gherkin

Tomato 2.1 PCB in a Gherkin case

In order to fit the Pro Micro in the same location as on a Gherkin I used the larger clone version with a mini USB connector (instead of micro USB). These have an identical pinout to a regular Pro Micro, but are physically much larger. These are sold on eBay and Ali Express. You need to compare the pictures since they are mostly identical in description. They tend to cost a little more.

The previous Tomato versions placed the Pro micro facing the back, instead of out the side. This made them only partly compatible with the Gherkin case plates.

  • Individual WS2812B LEDs inserted into cutouts and soldered to PCB.
  • 0805 0.1mfd bypass capacitors
  • Larger Pro Micro with mini USB connector
  • V 1.3
  • V 1.2
  • V 2.1 Files

Tomato assembled with Kailh white box switches. LEDs in the front, like a Gherkin it can be flipped with the LEDs on the top of the switch instead.

Bottom of the Tomato with vented PCB bottom plate. Dimensions are compatible with the original Gherkin plates.

Tomato 2.1 PCB top. There are no mounting holes, and the PCB mount holes for switches are removed. Plate mount switches only.

Bottom of the PCB. The WS2812B LEDs and 0805 capacitors are installed on this side.

The larger mini USB Pro Micro on the left. It is wider, taller and thicker than the original Pro Micro. It is wider than a standard DIP socket so I cut the socket apart, two 12 pin SIP sockets could be used instead.