Friday, July 28, 2017

LCSC discount on first order

$8 discount on first order

If you are ordering some resistors or diodes from you can probably pay for the whole thing with this discount code [firstorder8]. Not sure how long the code will work for, but I got the same insert on my last two orders from EasyEDA. I have already used this code on one of my orders with free shipping with a PCB order from EasyEDA.

They are also offering lower shipping prices, but I have only ever used the free shipping offer where you combine it with your EasyEDA PCB order.

I think this promotion is over, I did not receive one of these flyers in the last PCB order I received. 

Update: 02/28/2018 their current promotion is:

Up to free! Try out LCSC online components store.

  • $10 off on the first components order
  • Available for all parts and freight
  • Use the code WELCOMELCSC at the components order checkout