Friday, July 28, 2017

30% Edward

Radical Edward's 30% keyboard

A smaller version of the 40% Edward made from a Gherkin PCB and a custom PCB top plate.

The bottom plate is the standard Gherkin plate, as are the middle pieces. All of the 1.5mm PCBs were sanded down to remove the solder mask. They were dyed in red iDye poly dye. They came out a dark brick red color, probably due to the yellowish color of the fiberglass. I have also dyed PCBs wth iDye Poly purple and blue.

The rack handles are generic 64mm stainless steel drawer handles. The keycaps are Signature Plastics SA profile Row 1 keys from a random grab bag.

16mm Edward is here.

Funko Pop Ed in front of the keyboard.

The bottom showing the dyed middle pieces and the USB connector of the Gherkin PCB.

The bottom. The screws that came with the handles were too long. They were designed to be used with a thick drawer. I used 3/8" 8-32 stainless button head hex screws from Amazon.

Ed with her keyboards. The all stainless steel  40% Edward and the fiberglass 30% Edward.