Monday, November 28, 2016

40% Edward

40% Radical Edward Themed Keyboard

This is a very simple (compared to the project on Geekhack) Radical Edward themed keyboard. It is mainly a custom laser top plate and rack handles. Charger's is more a true replica.

30% Edward is here. 16mm Edward is here.


Ed can't stand up without the little plastic disc. Only the head can rotate.

The rack handles were not square on the ends. When tightened it would warp the plate. Spent a few minutes with a flat file to even the two ends.

Red LEDs for Ed.

These are the smallest handles of this style I could find.

Rear USB connection. Ed's keyboard has a side connection.

It's a little off center. Had to line up the center screw somewhere it didn't cut into the vinyl.

Too bad OLKB doesn't sell these bottoms anymore. They aren't the prettiest, but they are very sturdy, and have much more room inside than the milled aluminum ones.

The end.