Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Pumpkin Keycap

My only novelty keycap. These can be ordered on Shapeways.

It is sitting on the FLIRC case with the MX switch mod. The LED is controlled by the CPU usage of the Raspberry Pi. The switch powers the Pi on or off.

Monday, October 28, 2019

PB Gherkin

Gherkin that can mount switches in any direction

Like the Polyandry this version of the Gherkin can mount the switches facing up/down/left/right. The trade off is that there are no in switch LEDs. The matrix is the same as the original Gherkin, and it will run the same firmware.

Externally it looks the same as a regular Gherkin. The new top plate has notches for switch top removal on all 4 sides. Gerber files on git.

The PCB can be assembled either side up, which will place the Pro Micro right side up or upside down. There are pads for a 5.2mm tactile surface mount reset switch on both sides of the board.

Flipped the other way, the Pro Micro is mounted the same was as on the original Gherkin. Extra care has to be taken as the switch pins are more likely to make contact with the USB connector on the Pro Micro in certain orientations.

The square pad indicates Pin 1 on the Pro Micro. For the diodes the cathodes connect to the square pad.

There are double rows of pads for the Pro Micro. These can be used to connect to the unused pins. They can also allow for use of some of the odd sized Pro Micros as on the Nein.

Bottom plate. Is pretty much the same as the old plate. The size of the PB Gherkin is identical to the original Gherkin. The holes are in the same locations.

First generation of the PB Gherkin had smaller holes instead of the large oval. These are too small for some types of switches with built in sockets.