Friday, April 21, 2017


30% built with 16mm switch spacing

Same schematic as the Gherkin, running the same firmware.

16mm is about as close as you can get the switches. There is a small gap horizontally, but vertically the switches are touching. Will have to test with other MX style switches. The milky white Gateron are a little narrower (15.35mm). Gateron beige SMT RGB are the widest (15.65mm).

Using the modified keycaps that were cut down with a Dremel cut off wheel.

This version of the PCB has one flaw that needed to be jumpered. Will also be making a PCB plate so that plate mount switches can be used. Fixed version here.

Typing on this is weird. It feels very cramped, it may be different with a different style keycap. I will try a set of cut down DSA keycaps which has more space between the keys. It is much better than the microswitches on the Flanck.

Minimal gap between the switches

Green LEDs installed inside the switches.

Size comparison with a full size Gherkin.