Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ordering a PCB

How to order a PCB from from a gerber file

EasyEDA now redirects you to order from JLCPCB. The process is not much different.
  • Download the zip file with the gerber files
The zip file contains multiple files each for a different layer of the PCB front/back. Do not edit these files. They have been tested as they are.
  • Go to and click "PCB Order"
  • Create an account or login
  • Upload the Zip file
  • Edit the length and width
  • Set the quantity, 5 piece minimum per board.
  • Set the color (anything other than green cost more, it's a flat fee regardless of quantity)
  • PCB should be 1.6mm. With only soldermask (no copper/silkscreen) the PCB will be 1.52mm thick.This matters if you are making a PCB switch plate for MX style switches.
  • Leave everything else at default
  • Add to cart
  • Repeat for additional boards
  • Checkout 
  • Select airmail or express (usually DHL). Airmail is only an option for lighter orders.
  • They take PayPal or credit card
  • The video below goes through all these steps.
The price of each individual board goes down dramatically with quantity. The cost of shipping also goes up dramatically, PCB's are heavy. Play with the quantities, you may be able to get many more boards for a few dollars more.

EasyEDA ships to most countries.
For an order of 5 sets of Gherkin PCB's it is $20 to most places via airmail. A total of $75.80 shipped ($55.80 for the 5 top/bottom/main PCBs)
5 mf68 PCB's are $28.60 plus $17.40 shipping, $46 total to most places.

EasyEDA has since lowered their prices.

EasyEDA sells electronics parts through LCSC. You can get diodes/resistors/other parts shipped with your PCB order. 

Order PCB from gerber files from di0ib on Vimeo.

Gerber files I have released:
These gerber files are released under
You do not have to contact me for permission, the license is comprehensive. You can link back to the git page as an attribution.

EasyEDA has a new sister PCB company JLCPCB. They have different pricing for color PCBs which may make your order cheaper.