Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Aqua Planck

Planck with Fosen Aquamarine switches

  • OLKB Planck Rev 2 PCB
  • Fosen Aquamarine clicky switches
  • PCB plate and bottom
  • DSA doubleshot ABS keycaps 
  • 2x3x4mm blue LEDs
  • M2 brass spacers (9mm)
Another Planck keyboard made with the PCB plates from EasyEDA.com. The PCB was one of the $10 closeout ones from olkb.com (there are no more.)

(Not a pool toy.)

Blue LEDs on lowest brightness.

Side view. 9mm is the shortest spacers you can use, the USB port just barely clears.

DSA keycaps. Black and Blue.

LEDs on.