Wednesday, February 22, 2017

PCB Plate Planck

Planck with PCB Plates

  • OLKB Planck PCB Rev 2
  • 1.6mm top and bottom PCB plate
  • M2 10mm spacers
  • Gateron clear switches
  • White 3mm LEDs
  • PMK Grab Bag DSA keycaps
  • Gerber files
OLKB uses 19mm switch spacing which is different from just about everyone else. PCB's produced at Since these have no copper layers they emailed me to confirm that this is what I wanted.

PCB cost from was $22.60 for 5 top and $22.60 for 5 bottom pieces $45.20 total for 5 sets, plus shipping. Standoffs you can find on eBay, just search for "M2 brass 10mm". There are also nylon ones.

The standoffs interfere with the PCB. Small notches need to be ground into the PCB for it to fit. This has to be done with care, if you grind off too much you will eventually start cutting into traces. If you slip you might break off a diode or resistor. The top and bottom copper layers are the ground and power planes. So don't short across them with a metal standoff.

The plate could be used for hand wiring. They flex about as much as 3mm acrylic, but are much stronger, nearly impossible to crack. You can also sand off the solder mask and dye the PCB.

I sanded down the PCB to take off the shine. The green solder mask is also a bit uneven and had some gloppy areas.

I also sanded the edges smooth. The raw edge was rough in some spots.

The raw PCB's before sanding. You can see some of the imperfections in the green coating.

The PCB is recycled from the Plight. It's had 3 sets of LEDs replaced. Lots of flux residue.

The standoffs are too close to the PCB. Notches need to be ground into the PCB for 6 of the standoffs.
I used a Dremel with a small grinder bit.

A close up view of one of the notches. You can see that if I grind further I will cut into the trace for the LED.
If you use the thinner standoffs you would not need to grind as much.

DSA keycaps from random PMK grab bags. The yellow space bar is a 2u POS cap covering 2 switches.

Side view of the 10mm spacers.

Close up of the USB port. There's enough space to go down to 9mm spacers.

LEDs on.