Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Gherkin Wood

Wood case for the gherkin keyboard

  • Bamboo plywood
  • M2 spacers
  • P2 size EPS file for ponoko.com
This is a simple sandwich style case cut out of 2.7mm bamboo plywood. I had two sheets cut, one from the blonde color and one from the darker colored wood. You can see two layers of the darker wood from the side. This would work with 3mm acrylic as well.

Overall it came out ok, but If I did it again I would pick a different material. The bamboo frays and splinters very easily. Ponoko only has veneer and plywoods. www.outfab.com has some nicer solid woods.

You can see the 2 darker layers of wood. There are a total of 6 layers.
I had to sand the edges down to remove the laser scorch marks and to gets all the layers to line up as a single smooth surface.

The cutout for the USB connector. I glued the middle layers together to add strength and to keep them aligned.

The bottom. You can see the frayed edges of the wood where the bamboo veneer splintered.

The edge of the bamboo looks more interesting than the top and bottom surface. It is all bamboo plywood, no fillers.

White LED back lighting. Cheap PBT doubleshot keycaps from eBay.

Bottom removed. Here you can see the PCB fits snugly inside the wood layers. The M2 spacers sit in the holes.
You can see, on the inside, how dark the scorched edges of the wood were.