Wednesday, May 31, 2017

PCB middle pieces

Gherkin Middle Pieces

  • Same 1.5mm thick PCB material as the plates
  • Holes for brass M2 threaded spacers
The support sprues need to be cut and sanded down flush. I am using 6 pieces for a 9mm spacer. 8 pieces would be needed for a 12mm spacer. Some M2 brass spacers are slightly larger diameter and need to be filed down to fit the holes.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

30% RGB

Green Tomato

  • 30 Keys
  • Per key RGB using WS2812B LEDs
  • TMK firmware
  • Same matrix as Gherkin
  • Gateron SMD LED compatible switches
  • Cheap grey translucent front print keycaps
  • 1.2mm PCB produced at
  • Bamboo plywood case from Ponoko
The pro micro could not be placed in the same position as on the Gherkin. The 5050 size WS2812B LEDs would touch the pins of the Pro Micro. These types of LEDs also come in a smaller 3535 size which would fit better.

The first version used a 1.6mm PCB. The LED would sit low in the opening and be difficult to solder to the board. With the 1.2mm PCB the pads on the LED are slightly raised above the PCB, making it easier to create the solder bridge to the PCB.

Version 1.3 is here.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

1 iota

40% keyboard the size of a 30%

  • 16mm switch spacing instead of standard 19.05mm
  • PCB mount switch with diode installed inside the switch
  • Efficient 6x8 matrix
  • Cut down SP DCS and DSA keycaps 
  • Slightly larger than a Gherkin 
The 6x8 matrix uses the fewest i/o pins for the 48 keys. There are 4 pins left over on the Pro Micro.

The keycaps are from PMK grab bags. The DCS keycaps are all Row 1 ABS. The DSA keycaps are all PBT.

The keymap is the same as I use on my Gnap. It is definitely easier to type on than the 16mm 30% since you don't have hit layer modifiers as often, which is more difficult to do with the smaller keys.

I have made a split half IOTA
Fixed the PCB.

Friday, May 12, 2017

16mm Jelly Comb

Jelly Comb recycled into a 16mm 30%

Completely disassembled a Jelly Comb TKL. Reused the switches, LEDs, and keycaps in a 30% with 16mm switch spacing.

The Jelly Comb TKL was $26 shipped from Amazon during a sale. This model is no longer available. The plate is aluminum and the body plastic. It had plate mount stabilizers. The LEDs were a different color in each row.

The parts were used in a 16mm PCB/case. The keycaps were cut down to fit the narrower spacing.

The plate mount blue clicky switches are branded "Long Hua".

Monday, May 8, 2017

Gherkin Alps

Alps PCB and top plate

PCB fidget

PCB fidget

  • 608 bearings
  • 1.6mm thick PCB
  • 22mm holes for bearings
  • 14mm squares for switches 
  • Layers held together with soldered copper pins

Friday, May 5, 2017

New Gherkin Plates

Plates with switch top removable cutouts

  • 14mm square cutouts replaced with switch top removable cut outs
  • Notch in top plate removed
  • Notch in bottom plate slightly deeper
  • Back sides are blank
  • Compatible with previous version top/bottom/pcb
  • Previous version
  • Git
Tested the cutouts with Gateron and Cherry switches. Removed the USB notch in the top plate, it really was not needed. The new switch cutout also came closer to where the notch was, it would have been a weak spot. The notch in the bottom plate is slightly deeper so that some larger USB connectors will fit.

The top plate is not symmetrical. The USB connector would go on the end with the printing.



Gherkin with grab bag SA keycaps.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Self Flashing LEDs

Self flashing LEDs

  • Fast cycle RGB
  • Slow cycle RGB
  • Red/Green
  • Warm white candle flicker
These LEDs have their own built in controller that cycles through a preset pattern. The most you can do is turn them on or off.

The fast cycle and slow cycle RGB are 2x3x4mm LEDs. The red/green and flicker are 3mm flanged LEDs. Most 3mm flanged LEDs will fit in Gateron tops.

It takes a few minutes for the RGB to look random. You can see the Q/W on the slow cycle RGB have a dead blue LED.

The red/green almost look like an 8bit animation after a while. When powered through a PWM signal they appear orange, with both the red and green LED elements lit.

The candle flicker LEDs also come in colors other than white.

The LEDs were all purchassed on eBay, search for "self flashing led".

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Six Pack 1.1

Six key macropad Revised

Monday, May 1, 2017

16mm PCB plates

Added PCB top and bottom plates to the 16mm PCB

The plates allow for plate mount switches to be used. The new Kailh switches and the Cherry speed switches are currently only available in plate mount. The shorter actuation point and a shorter bottom out (with o-rings) might be an improvement.

I also printed a Pro Micro pin out diagram and some verbiage about the power pins on the bottom plate.

Some pictures side by side with the plateless version.