Tuesday, May 30, 2017

30% RGB

Green Tomato

  • 30 Keys
  • Per key RGB using WS2812B LEDs
  • TMK firmware
  • Same matrix as Gherkin
  • Gateron SMD LED compatible switches
  • Cheap grey translucent front print keycaps
  • 1.2mm PCB produced at EasyEDA.com
  • Bamboo plywood case from Ponoko
The pro micro could not be placed in the same position as on the Gherkin. The 5050 size WS2812B LEDs would touch the pins of the Pro Micro. These types of LEDs also come in a smaller 3535 size which would fit better.

The first version used a 1.6mm PCB. The LED would sit low in the opening and be difficult to solder to the board. With the 1.2mm PCB the pads on the LED are slightly raised above the PCB, making it easier to create the solder bridge to the PCB.

Version 1.3 is here.