Wednesday, May 17, 2017

1 iota

40% keyboard the size of a 30%

  • 16mm switch spacing instead of standard 19.05mm
  • PCB mount switch with diode installed inside the switch
  • Efficient 6x8 matrix
  • Cut down SP DCS and DSA keycaps 
  • Slightly larger than a Gherkin 
The 6x8 matrix uses the fewest i/o pins for the 48 keys. There are 4 pins left over on the Pro Micro.

The keycaps are from PMK grab bags. The DCS keycaps are all Row 1 ABS. The DSA keycaps are all PBT.

The keymap is the same as I use on my Gnap. It is definitely easier to type on than the 16mm 30% since you don't have hit layer modifiers as often, which is more difficult to do with the smaller keys.

I have made a split half IOTA
Fixed the PCB.