Thursday, May 4, 2017

Self Flashing LEDs

Self flashing LEDs

  • Fast cycle RGB
  • Slow cycle RGB
  • Red/Green
  • Warm white candle flicker
These LEDs have their own built in controller that cycles through a preset pattern. The most you can do is turn them on or off.

The fast cycle and slow cycle RGB are 2x3x4mm LEDs. The red/green and flicker are 3mm flanged LEDs. Most 3mm flanged LEDs will fit in Gateron tops.

It takes a few minutes for the RGB to look random. You can see the Q/W on the slow cycle RGB have a dead blue LED.

The red/green almost look like an 8bit animation after a while. When powered through a PWM signal they appear orange, with both the red and green LED elements lit.

The candle flicker LEDs also come in colors other than white.

The LEDs were all purchassed on eBay, search for "self flashing led".