10 for $5 PCBs

Cheap PCB's

I had previous posted a list of sub 100mm PCBs. Instead of updating that I decided to use the tag feature of the blog to mark all the projects that have small PCBs.

I will be tagging all small sub 100mm PCB's that can be ordered from JLCPCB for $5 with the "10 for $5 pcb" tag to make them easier to find.

Although the PCB's are cheap, the shipping is quite expensive, especially for DHL or other express methods. Shipping is calculated based primarily on weight. These small boards don't weigh much and ordering multiple designs spreads out the total cost per piece. You can even order the same design in different colors, each for $5 for 10 pieces

An example of ordering foobar PCB's is here.

My old post on How to order a PCB.

Most of the gerber files are in git

JLCPCB is not the only place that has special pricing. I have ordered from ALLPCB when they had a promotion with free shipping.

You can also use a site like PCB Shopper to do quick pricing comparison from multiple manufacturers.