Saturday, August 31, 2019

piz pad

3 key phat for the Raspberry Pi Zero

Simple board for 3 PCB mount MX style switches. They are connected to GPIO 22, 23, 24. Closing the switch connects the GPIO pin to ground.

This works with either the Pi Zero or Pi Zero W. There are many tutorials online about using switches with the GPIO pins to control actions. You can also use USB gadget mode to use the Pi Zero as a USB HID keyboard device.

Gerber files on git.

Mounting holes in standard locations. 2x20 header to connect to the Pi Zero.

The switch pads can mount PCB mount switches in any orientation.

M2.5 spacers and screws hold it in place on the Raspberry Pi Zero.

The standard header height leaves a lot of space under the board. I am looking at some lower profile sockets, but they may break compatibility with the standard male headers.