Monday, June 4, 2018


The Golbat 40% Keyboard

I purchased this as a kit from a GB from several years ago. Blue anodized top and bottom plate with light blue clear laser cut acrylic middle pieces.

It was shipped with the case pieces assembled but the screws all worked themselves loose and scratched up everything. Several deep scratches on the top and bottom plates.

I decided to experiment with it. I sanded down the pieces and it blended in the scratches to be less noticeable. I also sanded down the two acrylic pieces so they would be flush together.

Switches are Zealios, with blue 2x3x4mm LEDs mounted inside the switches.

The keycaps are PBT Gaterons from another group buy.

The controller is a Kimera Core. It is an ATmega32U4 with two io expanders. Somewhat pointless to use this in a board with so few columns/rows. It adds complexity to the design and many people have problems figuring out how to program it.