Monday, June 25, 2018

Alps Prototype

Experimenting with an Alps GNAP!

Made a top plate and PCB for Alps style switches. The plate matches the plate for the regular GNAP!

Alps uses a 1-1.2mm thick mounting plate. I made the PCB out of 1.2mm FR4 material. The switches fit well and are secure. Unfortunately the 1.2mm flexes a lot more than the usual 1.6mm FR4 material.

On the Rainbow Cat Vomit I also used 1.2mm FR4, but had many more supports in the middle. I may try using 1.6mm and see how that works. The switches just won't lock into place, but the PCB should hold them down.

The other problem is the 2u stabilizer. There are many different styles. I will probably use the MX compatible one since the Signature Plastics Alps 2u keycaps use those.