Thursday, April 20, 2017

Six Pack 1.0

6 Key macropad snap apart PCB

Three part PCB that snaps apart. The rough edges need to be sanded down. I used 220 grit wet/dry sandpaper on a flat surface. Also sanded the other sides so they all have an even finish.

This is powered by a Pro Micro running an Arduino sketch. Each switch is connected to a dedicated i/o pin. The LEDs are arranged in a matrix. This configuration requires the fewest parts, just 2 resistors for the LEDs.

I added a RESET button, but it really isn't needed when programming it in Arduino. You could program this with TMK, but it would be overkill for just 6 buttons.

The TX/RX and the i2c pins are broken out to a header along with 3 more unused pins.

The plates have holes for M2 screws/spacers. Assembly is similar to the Gherkin.

Will be doing a second version with a few changes.

Made a 4 key macropad that uses the same LED matrix code.