Monday, July 31, 2017

4 Pack

4 Key macropad PCB

Made a larger version of the 2 Pack. The design is the same, just wider. The LEDs are now in a 2x2 matrix, which requires only 2 resistors. This is run by an Arduino sketch with an interrupt driven LED scan. This allows for multiple levels of brightness and reactive lighting.

The combined board is a perfect 77.4mm square. It is small enough for the $2 for 10 special at
  • 1.6mm PCB top plate/PCB/bottom in one
  • M2 spacers and screws
  • Pro Micro controller
  • Switch top removable cut outs
 Two assembled macropads. The left one has been sanded down to the bare FR4 material.

 The PCB before and after splitting and sanding the edges smooth with sandpaper.

 Side view. The Pro Micro's are socketed. Low profile sockets were used.

 USB connector end. The notch in the bottom plate allows for large USB connectors.