Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Jaundiced Gherkin

The Yellowish Gherkin

An all yellow Gherkin. The PCB has yellow solder mask (you can't really see it.) The top and bottom plates have had their solder mask (which was green) sanded off. The raw FR4 material is a pale translucent yellow color. Yellow brass spacers and screws. The switches are the new Kailh Speed Gold clicky switches. There are yellow 2x3x4 LEDs under the switches. The board is covered with yellow Watster keycaps.

  • Yellow solder mask PCB
  • Bare FR4 tops and bottom plates
  • Kailh Speed Gold switches
  • Brass spacers and screws
  • Yellow 2x3x4 LEDs 
  • Watster keycaps