Monday, July 10, 2017

8u spacebar

8u spacebar on ortholinear

Sorted through the remnants of my PMK grab bags and found some 7u and 8u DSA spacebars. Both will fit over 1u spaced switches. On the 7u the center and two end stems fit into switches. On the 8u the center stem goes between two switches, only the two outer stems go into switches.

There is no stabilizer, so the bar will tilt towards whatever end you press down on. You can program the two switches to do two different functions and have a "split" spacebar.

I also found some 4u spacebars in SA profile. These have the proper rounded top for a spacebar. These were like the 8u where only the outer two stems sat in switches and the center stem was between switches.

Some pictures of an 8u spacebar on a double Gherkin.