Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Double Gherkin

60% Gherkin

Two Gherkin PCB's mounted to a double base plate. The two 5x6 matrices combined into a single 10x6 matrix.

Both PCB's are connected to a single Pro Micro. One switch from each column is bridged to the corresponding switch on the other PCB. The header is used to bridge the connections for the unused pins, VCC and ground to the other PCB. Where the other Pro Micro would have been the unused pins are jumpered to the correct rows.

The backlight also works. A single MOSFET is used to control all the LEDs on both PCBs.

Details of the pinout and modified firmware can be found on Git.

Two Gherkin PCB's spaced correctly.

The baseplate.

The connections between the two PCB's.

The power and row pins.

The column pins. Also the connection from the other PCB to the single MOSFET.

Wires are visible from above.

6mm spacers.

The single Pro Micro.

LEDs on.

XDA blank key caps.