Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Cherry ML Function stick

I was left over with a lot of ML keycaps from the MLP keyboard. Created this thin 1x12 macropad for use as function keys.

The Pro Micro is running a simple Arduino sketch.

I built 2, one with 6mm spacers and one with 4mm spacers. To use 4mm spacers you need to use a low profile socket. The thin head laptop style screws are very low profile. I will be sticking these to the edges of monitors with 3M command strip removable adhesive.

The files are on Git.

Numb Chucks

 The low profile Cherry ML switches. The keycaps are from a PLUM keyboard.

 6mm and 4mm spacers.

 Another view.

 Sitting atop a MLP.

Larger USB connectors fit fine.