Monday, July 10, 2017

MLP 1.1

MLP 1.1

Second version of the Cherry ML 40% keyboard. Same schematic. The number of M2 supports has been reduced. This allows for placement of the Pro Micro that is not blocked by a screw post. There are now cutouts for the Pro micro so that larger USB plugs can fit.

4mm M2 spacers and a low profile socket were used to reduce the space between the plates. 1.2mm PCB material was used to save 0.8mm (from the 1.6mm PCB used previously). Total height is about 16mm. First version was 19mm thick.

White PCB soldermask and contrasting M2 3mm black oxide washer head screws. The washer head screws are large in diameter and extend beyond the edge of the PCB a little. I removed the silkscreen layer which is normally black. The PCB's are completely white with no markings.

Gerber files are here.

Added middle pieces here.

Cutout for USB plug.

16mm tall vs 19mm.