Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Gherkin Alps 1.1

Gherkin Alps switch compatible with RGB underglow

Second version of the Alps compatible Gherkin PCB. Main change is the rotation of the switches so the switch pins are all towards the middle of the board. This leaves a large flat area along the edges where a WS2812b LED strip can be placed. Power and data pads on the corners to solder the LED strip to.

The top PCB plate is 1.2mm thick which is within the range for a Alps plate. Any thicker and the switches will not clip into place. The bottom plate is the same PCB as the regular MX compatible Gherkin.

Files on git. It is running the Gherkin firmware with RGB.

 The green solder mask on the top and bottom plates were sanded down to the bare fiberglass material which is translucent.

 20 WS2812b LEDs are probably too many. This is the 60 per meter type, the 30 per meter type would be a better fit.

 Side view. 9mm spacers with a low profile socket for the Pro Micro.

 The LED strips are connected with solder bridges to the long pads.

Closeup of the solder bridges. A piece of kapton tape was placed across the pads to prevent the solder from flowing along the entire length of the long solder pads. Don't try this with regular tape, it will melt and you will have a sticky mess.