Thursday, August 24, 2017

GNAP Plates

PCB Plates for the GNAP!

Previous GNAP! I have made had either steel or laser cut wood cases, or were plateless PCB mount. This is a much cheaper alternative to steel or laser cut plates.

Top plate has switch top removable compatible cutouts for the switches. Costar style stabilizer cutouts for the 2u space bar. The bottom is plain with GNAP! on one side.

Either the GNAP! 1.2 or the GNAP! 2.0 PCB will fit. You may need to grind a little bit off the PCB on the GNAP! 2.0 if you use large diameter spacers, most will fit fine.

M2 12mm spacers were used.

The cutouts for the Costar stabilizers have rounded corners. These need to be filed square for the plastic inserts to fit properly.

Files on git.

 XDA blanks, with the 2u spacebar.

12mm spacers. Could go shorter, but may have problems plugging in the USB cable.

 Top and bottom plates. If you zoom in you can see how the inside of the Costar cutouts have rounded corners.

The original design has square corners, but the diameter of the router bit is the limitation on getting a true square internal corner.