Thursday, December 1, 2016

PCB plates

Gherkin with top and bottom PCB plates

First attempt at a PCB plate. Switches fit perfectly. The square has rounded corners but the switches fit fine, they lock in securely. It is quite flexible, I would not use it without a PCB circuit board or some other reinforcement. Much stronger than 1.5mm acrylic.

Green is the standard solder mask color. For additional cost they also have red, blue, yellow, white and black. They also have 1.2mm and 1mm PCB thickness options so an Alps plate would be possible.

This was assembled with the revised Gherkin 1.1 PCB, which fixed the missing trace from the original Gherkin PCB.

RGB. Red Gaterons, with dyed blue tops and dyed green bottoms.

Top and bottom plates.

The internal corners of the squares are rounded.

10mm nylon M2 spacers and screws.

Plain PCB bottom