Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2 Keys

Two key PCB

Tiny board that sits on top of a Pro Micro and supports 2 PCB mount MX switches. Could create a tiny sandwich case for it using http://builder.swillkb.com/

The switches are connected to pins 2 and 3. The LEDs are connected to pins 9 and 10.
G20 keycaps on Gateron Yellow switches

Stuck to the front of my computer with a 3M Command removable adhesive strip.

Side view. The plastic spacers from two headers were combined to get enough height.

Holtite sockets stick out very far below the PCB.

Very little clearance between the Holtite and the USB connector.

Bottom of Pro Micro. Header pins were cut flush with bottom of PCB.

Holtite sockets for switches and LEDs.

Switches removed

Another built with a DIP socket making the Pro Micro removable. This one is without Holtite sockets.

PCB bottom

PCB top. Two resistors for the LEDs.

LED on while key pressed.