Thursday, December 8, 2016


My Atreus

I assembled this a while ago. I purchased only the case and PCB, the rest of the parts I had on hand. This is my first real wood case. The detailed assembly instructions goes over several ways to finish the wood.

I replaced the Arduino compatible bootloader with the LUFA MassStorage bootloader. Details can be seen here. This makes it much easier to flash a new keymap.

Though I like the design and appearance, I really have not spent much time using this keyboard. My somewhat haphazard style of typing, often using only one hand, makes using a split layout awkward.

The woods takes on a much darker appearance once the beeswax dries.

The top and switch plate pieces.

The bottom and middle pieces. The PCB with the A-Star Micro.

DSA dye sublimated keycaps with some grab bag keys for modifiers.Will probably replace the hardware with brass ones once I find some of the correct size.

It is designed to have a micro USB cable plugged into the A-Star Micro and then feed out the slot in the middle piece. I'm still looking for a shot extension cable so I can remove the cable from the outside.