Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gherkin Tester

Gherkin with Holtite sockets

Number Brand Type Case LED Color
1 Gateron Black Milky 3mm flanged Red/Green self flashing 1Hz
2 Gateron Yellow Milky 3mm flanged RGB slow self flashing
3 Gateron Red Milky 2x3x4mm RGB fast self flashing
4 Gateron Clear Milky 2x3x4mm RGB slow self flashing
5 Gateron Brown Milky 1.8mm Red
6 Gateron Blue Milky 1.8mm Green
7 Gateron Clear Milky Dyed Orange 3mm flanged Blue
8 Gateron Clear Milky Dyed Blue 3mm flanged Diffused Blue
9 Gateron Red Milky Dyed Blue 2x3x4mm UV
10 Gateron Black Milky Dyed Dark Green 1.8mm UV
11 Gateron Red Clear top 2x3x4mm Red
12 Gateron Clear Clear top 2x3x4mm White
13 Gateron Yellow Clear top 2x3x4mm Warm White
14 Gateron Brown Clear top 3mm flanged White
15 Gateron Brown RGB 5mm flanged White
16 Gateron Green Clear top 3mm flanged Red/Green Bipolar
17 Gateron Tactile Clear Clear top 3mm flat Warm White
18 Zealio 65g Clear top/bottom 3mm flat Orange
19 Zealio 78g Clear top/bottom 2x3x4mm Green
20 Cherry Clear 2x3x4mm Blue
21 Outemu Blue 2x3x4mm Blue
22 Kailh Blue 2x3x4mm Green
23 Outemu Blue RGB 2x3x4mm Blue
24 Gateron Brown RGB 2x3x4mm Green
25 Gateron Brown RGB 2x3x4mm Blue
26 Gateron Brown RGB 2x3x4mm Green
27 Gateron Brown RGB 2x3x4mm Blue
28 Gateron Brown RGB 2x3x4mm Green
29 Cherry Black RGB 2x3x4mm Blue
30 Cherry Tactile Grey 2x3x4mm Red

  • Gherkin 1.1 PCB with PCB top and bottom plates.
  • Green solder mask was sanded off of PCB plates.
  • Switches 24-28 are duplicates.
  • Milky white tops were dyed with regular RIT dye. 
  • Gateron tops can fit 3mm LEDs with flange.
  • LEDs mostly from eBay

Top view at low brightness setting

Side view from top

Holtite sockets for switches and LEDs