Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Controller Size Comparison

Number Type Dimensions PCB thickness Chip Pins Connector Example
1 Mattairtech MT-DB-U4 52.25 x 22.75mm 1.6mm Atmega32U4 ALL mini
2 Clone Pro Micro New Type 39.75 x 23.5mm 1.6mm Atmega32U4 18/20 with hack mini Stealth Quark
3 Clone Pro Micro 33.5mm x 17.85mm 1.2mm Atmega32U4 18/20 with hack micro Flanck
4 PJRC Teensy 2.0 30.6 x 17.9mm 1.7mm Atmega32U4 25/26 with hack mini Retro Planck
5 Pololu A-Star Micro 25.25 x 15.35mm 1.0mm Atmega32U4 18/20 with hack micro Atreus
6 DF Robot Beetle 22.4 x 20.4mm 1.1mm Atmega32U4 10 micro
7 Clone Digispark 23 x 18mm 1.6mm Attiny85 6/4 with USB micro
8 Clone Digispark Pro 27.1 x 18.3mm 1.6mm Attiny167 13/11 with USB micro
9 PJRC Teensy LC 35.7 x 17.95mm 1.6mm MKL26Z64VFT4 27 micro Van LC
10 PJRC Teensy 3.2 35.6 x 18.05mm 1.6mm MK20DX256VLH7 34 micro Van 3.2
11 STM32F103C8T6 53.5 x 22.9mm 1.2mm STM32F103C8T6 32 micro Planck STM32
12 Clone Arduino Pro Mini 32.75 x 17.7mm 1.6mm Atmega328P 20 none

Dimensions are measured from the actual boards and do not include the protruding USB connector.

The Pins that are "with hack" require removing existing indicator LEDs and soldering to tiny surface mount pads. On the Teensy 2.0 pin E2 can be accessed by soldering to the tiny pull down resistor.

"with USB" are indicating the loss of 2 pins for use with VUSB, since these board do not have native USB.

The Arduino Pro Mini does not have any USB connector. It can be used with an external VUSB circuit.

Top view

Bottom view, some have components on the bottom.

Side view to show relative thickness of boards