Monday, May 21, 2018


GNAP! Gherkin hybrid

It's the top three rows of the GNAP! constructed like a Gherkin.

It has a regular PWM backlight like the Gherkin does, powered by a MOSFET connected to pin B5.

Still working on a keymap. I have a basic one for testing on git.

Gerber files on git.

Assembled with cheap typewriter style keycaps.

Bottom is a second PCB, just like on the Gherkin.

Top and bottom PCBs are connected with M2 spacers and screws.

The Pro Micro sticks out the side.

Top of a fully populated PCB. 1n4148 diodes and resistors for the backlight.

Bottom of PCB. You can see the MOSFET and the reset switch. A socket makes the Pro Micro removable. All of the parts used are the same as on the Gherkin, there are just 6 more of them for the 6 additional switches.

The 2 unused pins are broken out to pads along with GND and VCC.

Backlight on. It has a single dimmable backlight, It does not have the per key backlighting of the GNAP!.