Monday, May 14, 2018


Contra Pi Zero W

Contra keyboard with a Pi Zero W embedded.

 Contraption connected to a mini LCD monitor with a mini HDMI cable. It is running asciiquarium.
The ports on the back of the PI Zero W are accessible. Power is the micro USB connector on the right. The normal USB connector is plugged and not used. Mini HDMI connector on the left.

Ports with cables unplugged. Space between the PCB and bottom plate is 6.4mm. A 6mm standoff with two 0.2mm washers.

Bottom plate is unchanged.

The Pro Micro is rotated. This allows the connector to not stick out the side.

Closeup of the Pi Zero W.

Bottom of the Pi Zero W. The wires are soldered to the test pads for the onboard USB port. This is the same port as the external one, so it can't be used at the same time. 3M VHB heavy duty double stick tape holds the Pi Zero W in place on the bottom plate.

Close up of the rotated Pro Micro. Some of the pins have to be jumpered to connect the remaining columns, also the RESET pin and ground to retain the functionality of the RESET switch.

cols B5  B4  F4  F5  F6  F7  B1  B3  B2  B6  D7  C6
rows E6  D4  D0  D1

Modified TMK firmware is on git.