Tuesday, March 28, 2017

20 Pro Micros - 1

Ordered 20 Pro Micro's from Aliexpress

These were $35 for 10, with free shipping. Ordered on 3/5 and received 3/27. Three weeks in transit.

This is the typical packaging. Each in a little heat sealed bag with two 12pin headers.

They arrived loose in a small padded envelope. Sometimes I get them rolled up into a ball of foam sheet with tons of tape.

Removed all of them from their packaging. Did a visual inspection of each. These have the most orange capacitors I have seen, usually they are black or yellow.

2 had straight USB connectors. The rest were only slightly crooked. The PCB's are the thicker 1.6mm boards. I prefer the 1.2mm boards, but what you get is random.

The edges are rough. This one has some fiberglass splinters. I will pass all of them over a flat file to smooth out the edges.

These did not have any Arduino sketch preloaded. Usually they have the blink sketch preloaded. I programmed all of them with my modified blink sketch (blinks faster than normal so I can tell which ones have been reprogrammed.)

One was DOA. It was recognized as a serial port and would reset when programming, but would time out while being written to. So total cost is $3.69 each for 19, after factoring in the dead one.