Thursday, March 30, 2017

White Panda Alien Gherkin Rainbow

Gherkin with Panda switches and Semiotic keycaps

White PCB and plates. EasyEDA recently lowered their prices and the price to have different color soldermask. It is now cheaper to order your own sets of PCBs/plates.

The Invyr Panda switches have very little wobble/twist. It is very obvious with the Semiotic keycap legends if your switches are not perfectly straight. I tried them on some Outemu Blue switches and it looked horrible with all the keys crooked. The keycaps look very straight and aligned on the Panda switches.

There are only 10 WS2812B LEDs instead of the 22 I used previously. The WS2812B LEDs are on rigid PCB strips, not the normal flexible adhesive strips. They are otherwise the same spacing as the 30/meter strips.

There are also blue 2x3x4 LEDs inside the switches. They shine up through the slot in the switch tops.