Sunday, March 26, 2017

Gas Guzzling Gherkin

Gherkin with aluminum plate base

Found a piece of aluminum plate just the right size for the Gherkin on eBay. First project with my Vanda-Lay drill press. Drilled the holes with a 5/64" bit. Just the right size for 2mm screws (1.984mm). Drilled out the bottom of the holes to 1/8" to hide the screw heads. The hex head nylon screws I had were slightly larger than 1/8" so I pounded them in with a mallet. They are very snug.

The aluminum pieces I bought were saw cut, they had very precise square edges. Sanded the edges and surface down with 220grit and then a scotchbrite pad to give a nice even finish.

Total weight with keycaps is 365grams.