Thursday, September 21, 2017

Kon Tiki

Second generation Plover Gherkin mod

Similar to the Outrigger, this time a Gherkin PCB combined with two 2 switch macropad PCBs. Using the two macropad PCBs allow the bottom row to be split.

Construction and wiring are the same as the Outrigger. It runs the same firmware. The gerber files for the plate are on git.

G20 keycaps. They seem to be the easiest to get keycaps that work reasonably well with a steno keyboard.

The wiring is the same as the Outrigger. The grounds on the two macropads are connected together, then connected to F6. The switches are connected to existing columns.

 Gateron 35g clear linear switches.

Bottom plate. The top plate has the knockouts removed to fit the switches in.

Side view of the Pro Micro. M2 spacers and screws hold the two plates together.