Friday, September 1, 2017

foobar 1.0

Split 30% keyboard

A single reversible PCB constructed in the same way as the Half IOTA. Can be used together as a split keyboard or as a single 15 key macropad. Like the Half IOTA there are no jumpers and communication between the halves is serial only.

The PCB is also under 100mm square so can be made at at a discount. Many PCB manufacturer's offer special pricing on sub 100mm PCB's.

This version 1.0 works fine but has a few minor flaws, version 1.1 PCB's have been ordered. The firmware is TMK and is on git.

I added some WS2812b RGB strips to one here

Version 1.1 of the PCB and top/bottom plates are here.

 The front and back of the PCB side by side.

 The assembled PCB's. The orientation of the Pro Micro's is important.

 Side view of the assembled boards. PCB mount switches required. M2 spacers and screws.

 Same size as a Gherkin.

Next to a Let's Split.