Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Surprise Delivery

Received my order from JLCPCB

Was not expecting it today since it shows it is still in process on my order history. I guess someone there forgot to update the status.

I ordered 5 PCBs and each has it's own status, but only one showed any progression with completion dates.

The other 4 items only had the first MI date. So I thought they were still working on my order.

Can't find my tracking number on the order history either, I assume it would be listed if it were marked as complete.

In any case, I got my complete order and it came faster than expected. It is packaged just like my orders from EasyEDA were. Each set of PCBs shrink wrapped together and then packaged in more bubble wrap. I got another pen too.

I got black Death Star and Gherkin PCBs. White foobar and red 6lit. 10 of each. Total cost was $85.71 shipped. $43.34 for the PCBs and $42.37 for DHL shipping.

JLCPCB raised their prices (9/24/2017). The smaller sub 100mm pieces are the same price, but the price for the 10 Gherkin PCBs went up ~$5. 

JLCPCB now charges more for soldermask colors other than green. (10/24/2017)

Other than the order status not being updated, I am happy with my order.