Wednesday, September 6, 2017

foobar RGB underglow

foobar with WS2812b strips added

Using the same method most people use with the Let's Split, a short strip of WS2812b RGB LEDs were added to each half of the foobar.

VCC and Ground on each strip are connected to the broken out pads on the PCB. On the Master Left Hand side the DI (input) of the strip is connected to PB6. The DO (output) is connected to the unused connection in the TRRS connector. On the Slave Right Hand side the DI (input) is connected to the TRRS connection.

I used 60 per meter LEDs for 5 on each side here.

There are only 2 LEDs per side. This is the 30 per meter type of WS2812b strip. The 60 per meter type would allow 4 LEDs to fit on each side.

 The connections. The Master is pictured on the right.

The Master side. 5v and ground connected to pads near the Pro Micro. DI connected to PB6. DO connected to the TRRS unused connection.

 The Slave side. Same power connections. DI is connected to the TRRS pad.

The firmware with RGB added is on git. The pin the RGB strip is connected to and the number of LEDs is defined in the config.h file.