Friday, September 15, 2017

foobar 1.1 with plates

Revised foobar 1.1 PCB with top and bottom sandwich plates.

Second version of the foobar PCB. Minor changes. I have also made a top and bottom plate so that I can use plate mount switches. It can still be assembled plateless.

Uses the same firmware as the first version.

I also added WS2812b LEDs. This time the 60 per meter type and 5 fit on each half, instead of just two like on my last attempt.

The gerber files are on git.

 Switch top removable cutouts in the top plate (for Cherry and Gaterons switches, not the Outemu I am using here).

LED shine through. White PCB soldermask would probably be the best to reflect the LEDs. I may order some from JLCPCB since they don't charge extra for different color soldermask.

 12mm M2 spacers.

Connections are the same as on the previous RGB foobar. Kapton tape was used to insulate the strip from the bottom of the diodes.

Compared to the plateless foobar the plates are slightly wider.