Tuesday, November 29, 2016

mf68 revised PCB

Second version of mf68 TMK PCB

This is a replacement PCB for the Magicforce 68 keyboard. It is powered by a cheap Pro Micro controller. This is the second version, more information can be read in this post and details on git.

Everything now works. The only issue is the resistor for one of the optional LEDs for the space bar. The resistor needs to be installed on the bottom of the PCB so that it does not interfere with the stabilizer.

Bottom of the PCB.

Top of the board with all diodes and resistors soldered.

Made the area under the space bar white.

100ohm and 100Kohm resistors for Mosfet.

Pro Micro, Reset button, Mosfet, and optional Mini USB connector. This particular PCB is going into a custom sandwich case from Lasergist. A cut up micro USB cable will connect the mini USB connector to the Pro Micro.

Board installed in Magicforce top plate and everything soldered.

Space bar LED resistor on the left (above the printed date) would interfere with the plastic stabilizer if installed on the top of the PCB.

Replaced pigtail with a cut up micro USB cable.

Backlighting on. Cheap PBT backlit keycaps from eBay.

The button is now centered. I still managed to drill the hole in the case too low. You can see the two LEDs on the Pro Micro, indicating caps lock.