Thursday, October 15, 2020

Wee Gherkin

No'-as-big-as-medium-sized-Gherkin-but-bigger-than-wee-Gherkin Gherkin

Another Gherkin in a different form factor. This shares the same circuit and firmware as the Gherkin32. It is also powered by an ATmega32a. The main difference is the form factor and the use of 3.5x6mm tactile switches. It also uses blue LEDs instead of zener diodes in the V-USB circuit.

3.5x6mm tactile switches only come in 2 heights, 4.5 and 5mm. This is too short to make a usable top plate. The rectangular plunger also wobbles on the short axis more than the long axis. These black switch are from Digikey. There were very few options, and only black available.

These were cheap switches bought from a third party seller on Amazon. They are horrible. About a quarter of them do not click. They do work, just no click when pressed. Most sellers refer to these at 3x6mm but they are really 3.5x6mm.