Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Gherkin Express 3

Third SMT assembly order from JLCPCB

This version uses the same circuit as the Gherkin Express 2, but with blue LEDs instead of the zener diodes. It also uses the PCB as a USB A connector.

All parts used were available in the JLCPCB inventory. Only the fuse and the tactile switches had the setup surcharge.

The board will plug directly into a USB A port, or an extension cable. The 1.6mm PCB is on the thin side. Ideally it should be 2.2mm thick to fit properly. JLCPCB has 2mm PCB as an option, but not with assembly. I'm considering haveing a 0.6mm thick blank PCB with the same outline made and laminate the two PCBs together.