Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Yin and Yang

Two very different Gherkins

Two different Gherkin PCBs, one built for the Seeedstudio Xiao and the other for the ATmega32A using V-USB.

Both have the same shape and mounting hole positions as the regular Gherkin PCB. The Gherkin32 has a Mini USB connector sticking out where the Pro Micro would have been.

The GherkinX has a 5x6 diode matrix like the original Gherkin. It uses all 11 available pins on the Xiao.

The Gherkin32 has no matrix diodes. Each individual switch is connected to it's own pin on the  ATmega32A. 30 pins for the switches and the remaining 2 for the V-USB connection.

Possible to fit everything with 6mm spacers. Low profile Peel-A-Way sockets.