Wednesday, April 18, 2018

GNAP! Underglow

GNAP! with WS2812B strip

Added a WS2812B strip using the connections on the unused second Pro Micro pads. The data line for the WS2812B strip is D3. Normally the second Pro Micro (which would have powered the in switch LEDs) is connected to the main Pro Micro through D2 and D3, the serial port.

The modified firmware with RGB is on git.

WS2812B strip added to the silent GNAP!.

Side view. White PCB/plates would reflect the light better.

The self adhesive WS2812B strip is stuck to the bottom plate. 30awg wire is used to connect it to the PCB.

Closeup of the connections to the pads for the second Pro Micro. The yellow wire is connected to D3. The pad to the left of it is D2.