Monday, April 23, 2018

EOTW Oreo Planck

End Of The World

April 23, 2018, apparently. Probably the only way this could ever be an end game keyboard.

The EOTW Planck PCB case from with a White Rev 4 PCB. Invyr Panda linear switches. PCB mount Cherry stabilizer.

The EOTW Oreo Planck. The matte black PCB soldermask contrasts with the beige Invyr Panda switches. The other side of the top plate is gold ENIG finish, it can be used either side up. There is only one plate style, if you want a full 48 key grid layout there will be a small gap between the center keys where the space bar would have been.

The bottom of the EOTW PCB. ENIG finish made into a graphic design. I was hoping the text in the middle was on a removable sticker, but it is a permanent part of the PCB. Because of the cutout for the USB and the RESET button hole, the bottom can not be reversed.

The flimsy plastic inserts that came with the case were designed to clip into the Rev 5 PCB mount holes. The white Rev 4 PCB has mounting holes in the same places but they are smaller and fit M2 screws perfectly. I used M2 threaded brass spacers and M3 plastic spacers (the M2 spacers fit in the M3 plastic spacers). To be able to tighten the screws from both sides the plate needs to be removed. The sockets on the Invyr Panda allows for the switches with the top plate to be removed to access the screws.

With the solid brass spacers it is much sturdier, but there are no supports at the corners and it flexes badly. The Rev 6 PCB is supposed to have something different than the plastic inserts to hold the plates together.