Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Things called "Pro Micro"

Got another "Pro Micro"

The latest one is another black "Pro Micro" that has a Mini USB connector instead of a Micro USB connector. It is #6 in the picture.
  1. A genuine Sparkfun Pro Micro
  2. A typical blue clone Pro Micro
  3. A modified green Pro Micro
  4. The original Black Pro Micro with the larger ATmega32U4 chip
  5. Wider Black Pro Micro with Micro USB connector
  6. Wider (same width as #5) Black Pro Micro with Mini USB connector
  7. Older Pro Micro with Mini USB. These have been around before the green and black Pro Micros
If you are buying a Pro Micro to build a kit with a PCB you should make sure you are getting one that will fit the existing pads on the PCB.

#1-4 are all the same size. They have the same spacing between the two rows of pins, 0.6 inches.

#5-6 are 0.7 inches between the pins. Wider than normal.

#7 is 0.8 inches between the pins. Wider than normal.

#6-7 are considerably longer than normal.

Electrically they are all the same except for #3. If you are handwiring the spacing between the rows would not matter.