Friday, August 31, 2018

Cheap Genuine Cherry Stabilizers

Mouser has the Plate Mount ones for cheap

Bought 100 2U plate mount stabilizers for ~17 cents a piece. With shipping its about 25 cents each.

1 set of parts for a 2U plate mount stabilizer.

100 sets of 2U plate mount stabilizers. Mouser packages each part in a separate bag.

Cost with shipping for 100 2U plate mount stabilizers, $24.69. If you have other things to purchase, like diodes, you can spread out the shipping cost.

The descriptions on Mouser are not clear. The part numbers for 2U Plate (without pins) and PCB (with pins) are in the datasheet.

Mouser also has 2U PCB mount stabilizers in stock. For some reason they cost three times as much. Still much cheaper then purchasing them individually. They come packaged the same way as the plate mount ones. I have purchased both types from Mouser.

Plate Mount 2U Stabilizer

PCB Mount 2U Stabilizer

For the 6.25 spacebar I bought a 100 pack of wires from eBay. You use the same parts from the 2U set and replace the wire with the longer one. They also sell wires for other length spacebars.

These will work with either the PCB or Plate mount stabilizers.

Installed in a Luddite plate.